The year that wasn’t.

Wow what a year we have had, hopefully it wont be too long and things will be back to normal.

But in the mean time I’ve been putting the time to good use.  Well I think I have.

I’ve always wanted to have a website but had no idea where to start with one.  So I decided to make the most of this “opportunity ” for the want of a better word, and try to find out how to build one.

It’s been much more work than I thought it would be but then again I had to learn how the system worked, I had no idea that the set up for a desktop would be different to a mobile device, well there you go, it obviously is.  All good though, it wasn’t hard once I worked it out.

I had to get all the content together, that’s not as easy as it sounds either.  But it was a bit of fun too.  That was the time where I wished I had labeled my photos properly.

I’m also working on 4 online courses and have just launched one, the Ninja Pups program, its perfect for dogs of any age but specifically targets pups but it will help any dog.

I haven’t done much training with my own dogs so I will have to get onto that but I’m sure they don’t mind.

That’s it for now.

Keep being awesome and see you soon.