The most fun you and your dog will have.

No obedience required.


Perfect for timid dogs, over active dogs, reactive dogs, any breed, any dog can do noseworks.

Great fun for both the human and the dog.


I know, it sounds strange but noseworks is perfect for timid, anxious, nervous, boisterous or even reactive dogs.


The methodology used during the classes helps the dog to become independent and confident as it is all about the dog.


The classes are structured in such a way that your dog does not have to see another dog, all dogs run without another dog in the area.  Over time you might find that your dog is less reactive whilst searching, this is because your dog has gained independence and confidence and has a job.

No obedience required

That’s right, you don’t need to have done any obedience with your dog.

The less the better.

But, if you have been training your dog in obedience or any other dog sport that’s fine too.

Deaf Dogs,
Blind Dogs,
Physically Challanged dogs

As long as your dog has a nose, it can do noseworks.

What is it?

Think of the dogs at the airport, the ones who find that fruit you’re not supposed to have in your bag.

Think of the dogs searching the cargo at the docks.

Think of the dogs that sit beside you during a big public party, well, the dogs you hope don’t sit beside you during a big public party.

They are doing the working version of Noseworks.

We do it just for fun, but it can also be very beneficial for your dog too.

If your dog is timid it can give them confidence.

If your dog is over excited and never stops, no matter how much you play ball or do training sessions, it can calm them down and tire them out. Very quickly.

When dogs sniff and sniff for a purpose, in other words they are searching for a target odour. (which is an odour they have learnt means they get a reward) they work extremely hard and this in turn can tax their brain.

The methodology we use teaches the dog to be independent and think for themselves. They become problem solvers. Once they know what Noseworks is all about they become confident because they are the ones leading the search and its all up to them to find the odour and alert the handler to where it is so they can get their reward.

You as the handler will also learn how to read your dog, you will learn when the dog is on odour, (when the dog has picked up on the target odour) you will learn to read your dogs change in behaviour , even down to a head flick or ear twitch , or a change in pace , all these are tell tale signs you dog is about to find the target odour .

You learn a lot about your dog you’ve never noticed before.

There’s 3 levels of support, see more information when you click for more info. 

“My 18mth old Bouvier Des Flanders entered the world of Noseworks 3yrs ago.  We found her a “job” and she has never looked back. It’s a wonderful sport backed up by a great trainer who is always there for us. Highly recommended to all owners and dogs who just want to have fun.

Team: Hell & Dell

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