Online Induction Course

Getting started is the hardest part.

Starting with good foundations.



 “the basis on which something is grounded”


“the lowest support of a structure”


“basis, footing, ground, grass roots” 

Imagine how good you would feel when you call your dog and it comes running back to you.

Imagine how good you would feel when you are walking down the street and your dog is walking nicely beside you.

Imagine what your friends would say when your dog just chills.

This is the start of having fun while training your dog.

During this course we will show you the skills you need so your dog will be more interested in staying with you because you will be more interesting to your dog. Win win.

The secret behind having a good dog is to get your foundation training right. The more solid you can get your foundation the better and more reliable your dog will be.

Our goal for you and your dog is by the time you’ve completed this Induction course that you understand the safest way to hold the lead, how to hold the treat, so your fingers don’t get bitten, get your dog interested in being with you, your dog can spin and release on their release word.

Before we start any training session we need to get some things ready.

For these exercises we need some treats for your dog, cut up nice and small. Don’t just use your dogs regular food, use something they really really like, cheese, Devon and even cooked sausages.  The better the reward in the dogs mind the better they will work for you.

The exercises are basic but are invaluable to the start of your dogs training, if you don’t get the foundations right you will have trouble down the track so it’s best to spend time getting these few exercises down pat. 

Have your dog on a lead and a flat collar, a flat collar is just a collar with a buckle on it.

And if your dog likes to play with a ball you can have a ball ready for a big play at the end of the training session.

This Induction course is the introductory level to join into any class at Koo Wee K9 Bootcamp.

Once you start in the regular classes you will see the value of doing these foundation exercises.

You will even notice a difference after a couple of sessions of training.

We look forward to working with you and your dog during your training.

Have fun and enjoy the ride.

What you will get out of the course?


Skills to get your dog to listen to you.

Skills to train your dog to be easier to live with.

Knowledge on why hour dog does what it does and what you can do about it.

A better relationship with your dog.

Ebook on Common Dog and Puppy Behavioural Issues.

Detailed information on common issues with suggestions to help you and your pup too work your way through.

Details on what you will be teaching your dog at group training.

Class structure.
Class content.
And lots more.

Information Overload

Lots of information, videos and detailed documents.

All you need to start your training and start solving some of those issues you’ve been having.