Ninja Pups

Guide your pup to Mastery

I am a Canine Coach who helps stressed to the max dog and puppy owners learn obedience techniques, beneficial walking on lead strategies, house training and fun family exercises through the Ninja Pups Programs

Why should you join Ninja Pups?

Between the ages of 2 and 16 weeks the pups brains are like a sponge, I don’t mean physically, I mean they soak up every bit of information they have around them, this is when most of the life long learning will occur .

This is called the critical period.

What this means is that what ever your pup experiences during this time both good and bad will stay with that pup for the rest of its life.

If your pup has a bad experience during this time it is very unlikely to fully recover .

The same if your pup has good experiences during this time they will stay with the pup for the rest of its life.

For example: at the age of 9 weeks your pup fell down some stairs, this would be a bad experience for the pup so that pup would  probably never be confident with going up or down stairs. It might navigate the stairs with hesitation but will never be as good as it could have been if it had had a good experience as a puppy .

If the pup in this critical period has never had a bad experience with stairs and was encouraged and taught that stairs are a good thing, that pup will grow up being confident on stairs.  Even if as an adult that dog fell down some stairs the long term mental damage done to that dog would more than likely be minimal and not long lasting , the dog would more than likely recover quickly and return to being confident on the stairs.

This of course would always vary for different dogs.

Another example would be during the critical period the pup never saw a male person, that pup could grow up being afraid of, or at least very wary of males.

Sometimes when people get a rescue dog and it’s afraid of males, they instantly assume the dog has been badly treated by a male. But this might not have been the case, it might have been that the dog had not been around males during the critical period.

This is why its very important to get your pup out and about in the world, so it can experience, noises, smells, cars, trucks, people, kids on bikes, kids in prams, other dogs. It’s a big wide world out there and the pup needs to experience as much of it as it can during this critical period.

But my pup isn’t fully vaccinated you say, that’s fine, tuck the pup under your arm and take it down to the local cafe and sit outside, it can observe, people, cars, food smells etc.

Take your pup for rides in the car, they don’t have to get out to experience the world. Don’t just take your pup to the vet and home again, make the car a good place.

Ninja Pups

Ninja Pups classes run at Koo Wee K9 Bootcamp in Koo Wee Rup is suitable for pups from 8-16 weeks.

Your pup will remain in the Ninja Pups class until it reaches the age of 16 weeks.  So if you start your pup at 8 weeks you will have the advantage of 8 weeks of puppy training.

Ninja Pups Online is suitable for pups of any age.

Does your pup think its name is “No”, “leave it”, “drop it

Are you sick of having your shoes chewed up?

Do you get annoyed when your pup won’t come back when its called?

Are you frustrated at having your socks stolen and having to chase your pup to retrieve them?

Do you wish your pup would just stop jumping and putting its muddy feet all over you?

How nice would it be if you could walk down the street without your pup pulling you along?

Ninja Pups will give you the tools to help develop your puppy into the dog you want.

These classes will provide you with the tools needed to give your puppy the best start possible, introducing them to not only obedience training but helping them to explore the world with confidence. Helping you to create a puppy that will grow into a dog who can go anywhere and be a socially acceptable companion.


You will gain knowledge and confidence to:

have your dog come back to you when called 

teach your dog the basics

be more aware of your pups general health

understand your pups body language

realise you can teach your pup to do anything  

The Online Ninja Pups Program is delivered weekly after you purchase the program, this will give you time to practice the new skills with your pup

Young dog classes are held at Koo Wee Rup for pups aged between 5-7 months

No time to waste!!!

So much to learn

So much to teach your pup

So much fun to have