Nosework and Scentwork Courses


6 Week Nosework/Scent Work Foundation Course

Nosework is a game/sport you and your dog can do pretty much anywhere at any time with very little equipment.

Nose Works is a fast growing dog sport, it’s a lot of fun for the dogs and their humans.

It’s great to watch the dogs gain independence and confidence.

No obedience is required and it is suitable for reactive dogs as the dogs are not together during the class.

Classes are held in our indoor training facility in Pakenham.

Your instructor is a qualified dog trainer certified through the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF),

She is also a certified Noseworks instructor (CNWI). Certified through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW USA)

And is also an ACSW Nosework Judge.

So you and your dog are in safe capable hands

The Foundation Course introduces your dog to searching and hunting, it’s surprising how many dogs can’t go off and search independently, they rely so much on their human to help them out. In this course will learn how to “read” your dog, this means you will notice how they change their behaviour when they are getting close to the hide, initially we will be using food or your dogs favourite toy.  One reason for this is so you can stand back and watch your dog search and learn what to look for when your dog is getting close to odour, initially the food or the odour from their favourite toy. This is called “reading” your dog. Some dogs will pick up speed, some will slow down, some will prick their ears, some will wag their tail, there’s many different changes in behaviour your dog might do as they approach the odour or find themselves in the scent cone.

We also want to make sure your dog is confident in the different situations before we introduce a target odour, the main reason for this is if your dog is searching for a target odour and gets a fright or is scared of say a slippery floor, then they might associate this with the target odour and it is very difficult to change the dogs mindset once it is convinced the odour had something to do with what frightened it isn the first place .

Over the duration of the course we will cover, container searches, this is where we start, interior and vehicle searches. Weather permitting we will start on exterior searches too.

In the last two weeks of this course, providing your dog is searching independently and with confidence, we will introduce your do to a target odour, usually Birch, we will also be working on improving your dogs searching and hunting skills by introducing some height in your dogs searches and also increasing the puzzle your dog has to work out to find their treats.

Once you have completed the Foundation course the next step will be to complete our 4 week Building Odour course, this is the course where we will work on building your dogs odour obedience, what this means is your dog will find odour no matter what is around, ie: food, toys, other dog smells, other animal smells etc. The Building Odour course will only go ahead if there is sufficient numbers.

We have 3 levels of support for each course.

As you can see from the chart the Standard and Premium levels give you more support during the course so we can address any issues or potential issues that might occur before they become a problem.

These two levels are ideal if you want to go on and compete as the extra support will enhance both your dogs and your progress in this great game with your dog.

Feel free ask any questions at any time and I will endeavour to answer them for you.

First and foremost, have fun with your dog.



We have three levels of support to help you with your dogs Nosework journey.  If you want to boost your learning, consider the Premium level, in this level you will receive one on one zoom sessions, during these sessions we will discuss your dogs specific needs and training goals. I will also review and give feedback on up to 4 of your videos per week and email support for the duration of the course. There will only be one Premium position offered per course.

Call to discuss and book into the level you wish to attend.

Carol 0412 076 095

4 Week Building Odour Course

This is course follows the Nose Work/Scent Work course. 

The Building Odour Course is also ideal for any dog who is struggling to focus on finding the hides and for the handler struggling understand when the dog has found the hides.

During this course we will build your dogs “Odour Obedience” and drive to odour. 

The next step after the Building Odour course is attending the Continuing drop in classes.

The prerequisite for booking into the Building Odour course is the completion of an Introduction to Nosework with a CNWI

If you want to build your dogs drive to odour and you don’t meet the prerequisite conditions please contact me before you book in.

You have the option to have extra assistance in addition to your weekly class, click on the button below for more details.

A minimum of 3 needed to run the course. 

Continuing drop in classes

These classes are for dogs who are on odour, Birch, Anise, Clove or Cypress.. Regardless of your training methods but we do follow the NACSW training methodology. If you have not completed a K9 Noseworks course with an accredited K9 NW instructor (either CNWI or ANWI) please contact me for more details before booking.

During these classes we will introduce you and your dog to more advanced odour puzzles, if you wish to work on your trial preparation please attend our trial preparation classes.