If a trainer says to you that they can FIX your dogs issues in one lesson, or in a few days, RUN.

No behaviour can be FIXED.

To change a dogs behaviour you have to change the dogs mindset, this cannot be done quickly.

It can appear that the dogs behaviour has been changed during or just after one session but this would not be the case.

The dog would have learned to do that behaviour for example, pull on the lead, this behaviour has developed because the dog has been allowed to pull on the lead and gets rewarded when it gets to where it wants to go by pulling.

Once the dog learns that not pulling on the lead brings benefits, for example, pats, praise and treats or playing, they will learn that not pulling gets them the good things.

The dog did not learn to pull in one session, they will not learn not to pull in one session either.   It might appear they have but they haven’t. 

Ask the trainer how they train the dogs.

Have a look at their Facebook page and their website, if the dogs don’t look happy don’t go with that trainer .

See if they have videos on their site, watch the videos, see if the dogs are happy or look nervous and scared.

Do they just use one type of training equipment on every dog, for example does every dog have a halter on, does every dog have a correction chain on, does every dog have a harness or flat collar on.  There is nothing wrong with any of these training tools except every dog is and individual and should be trained as individuals.

One type of training tool is not suitable for every dog.

One type of training method is not suitable for every dog.

As I very often say, “it’s not the tool itself that’s the problem it’s the tool on the end of the lead”

I recently watched several videos on another trainers Facebook page, yes the dogs stayed in a drop, in most of the videos the trainer was commentating that it was the first time the dog had been in a drop, the dogs were terrified, head down, ears down, tail tucked between their legs, one small young dog even rolled over in a submissive position and was terrified, this trainer was saying how good the dog was for staying in the drop while other dogs were running around and balls were being thrown around, this poor little dog was too terrified to move.

This doesn’t do anything for the dogs confidence and general mental health, it is living its life too scared to do anything.

So before you choose a trainer to either send your dog to do board and train or you take part in group training sessions, go along and just watch the classes, chat to the trainers or to at least the person who runs the training centre.

Thanks for reading.


Not a happy dog                                                      A happy dog